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Top Ten Sports Brands in the World

"World Top Ten Sports Brands" World Top Ten Sports Brands:

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5. (Fila) - Italy

UMBRO, an international famous brand with 84 years of history, is a football clothing manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1924 by the British KFS Brothers.

2. (Adidas Adidas) - Germany

6. (Mizuno) - Japan

Nike was founded in 1972, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, the United States. Its predecessor was the Blue Ribbon Sports Company invested by Phil Knight, the current president of Nike, and coach Bill Bowerman.

1. (Nike) - USA

In 1895, Joseph Foster, the founder of Reebok, was a British sprinter. He hoped to have a pair of spiked running shoes. However, due to his lack of financial resources and resources at that time, he made a pair of "Foster Running Shoes" named after himself.

Fila Fila brand was founded by FILA brothers in BIELLA, Italy, in 1911, and has a history of nearly 100 years. In the 1970s, FILA cooperated with the diversification strategy to expand the sportswear business.

7. (Umbro UMBRO) - UK

PUMA was founded in 1948 in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Its founder, Rudolf Dassler, joined Dassler's company in Herzogenaurach, his brother Adolf Dassler (nicknamed Adi), in 1924, and will change its name to Dassler Brothers.

8. (Back to back KAPPA) - Italy

4. (PUMA) - Germany

Adidas Chinese, a German sports goods manufacturer, is a member company of Adidas AG. Adidas is named after its founder Adolf Adi Dassler.

3. Reebok - USA

Mizuno is one of the world's leading sports brands, serving all kinds of sports.

"How many of the world's top ten sports brands have you used?" MIZUNO is one of the world's leading sports brands, serving all kinds of sports. MIZUNO has a wide range of products, covering almost all major sports. Product development is based on extensive scientific research to ensure that sports are more comfortable and safe. At the same time, we firmly believe that the combination of technology and human perception can create perfect quality. Expanding products

"The world's top ten luxury sports brands" Meijinnong is one of the world's leading sports brands, with a complete range of products covering almost all sports. It constantly adopts new technologies, develops new products, and strengthens the functionality of products to meet the needs of today's market. The quality control of excellence is the foundation of MIZUNO products. 7. Umbro (UK) -

"What are the world's top sports brands?" 1. Nike is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. The company produces all kinds of sports goods, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. NIKE is a world-famous sport

"World Top Ten Sports Shoe Brands" World Top Ten Sports Shoe Brands: 1. Nike. The famous sports goods brand in the United States, whose sneaker design is very fashionable, also introduced a number of limited edition. It has many products, not only sports shoes, but also sports apparel, sports equipment, etc. 2. Adidas. The brand from Germany is also a top sports brand

10. (Lotto) - Italy

9. (DIADORA) - Italy

Back to back kappa was not originally called kappa, but its predecessor was a small company called m.c.t. The full name of this company was established in 1916 in Turin, northwest Italy, mainly producing socks and underwear.

In 1973, LOTTO was established in Italy. In the first 10 years of its existence, LOTTO quickly opened its market in Italy and occupied a pivotal position.

The birth and growth of DIADORA is closely related to the history of Italy. The hometown of Marcello Danel, the founder, was the shoes and boots supply station of the Italian army during the First World War. After the war, the shoemaking technology here was preserved and developed.

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