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Make Hongjie brand and Yierkang better

"Is the quality of the red sister's shoes good?" The red sister's shoes are not famous brands, but the quality is good. Linghong Jie's leather shoes are not famous brands, while Linghong Jie's shoes are just ordinary miscellaneous brand men's shoes on Taobao, not a famous brand. Rubber and plastic synthetic sole: rubber synthetic sole is referred to as imitation leather sole, which is a kind of highly elastic material. It is light and comfortable to wear, without noise, skid resistance and resistance

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"Red Dragonfly shoes are better than Yierkang shoes" I have used both brands. Red Dragonfly is famous, good in quality and high in price. But Yierkang has better quality, novel style and comfortable wearing. After wearing comparison, we recommend Yierkang.

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"Which is better, Red Dragonfly or Yierkang?" I like Red Dragonfly personally. I have bought shoes from both brands. I feel that Red Dragonfly's feet feel good. Yierkang's style is good, and it is good to wear comfortable shoes. If you want to buy something online, you can buy it through Xiehui. com. In addition, you can save dozens of dollars

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"Make Hongjie brand and Yierkang good". 1. Yierkang is among the top three in footwear, and the middle and high-end prices are moderate. 2. The color is popular and suitable for people of different ages and occupations. The sole is moderately high, suitable for short people. The sole is non slip and suitable for the elderly. 3. Better quality, novel style, comfortable to wear.

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"Red Dragonfly, Yierkang, Aokang, Daphne which brand has the best bag quality" can be said to be the same! Personally, I think Yierkang is good. Compared with Aokang, it has a high cost performance. Sometimes it is the same style and material bag. Aokang is more than 100 yuan more expensive than Yierkang, and the style of Yierkang is also more beautiful than Aokang! Aokang's style is too old-fashioned (all hand typed)

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