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Top ten brands of sports shoes

2. Nike

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China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, specializing in the production of related sports products, Jordan (China) Co., Ltd

Founded in the United States in 1908, Yusheng (Kunshan) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is the kingdom of canvas shoes in the world

Li Ning Sports Goods Co., Ltd., a Chinese famous brand, was founded in 1990 and is the leader in the national sports goods industry

China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Leading Brand of National Sports Goods, 361 Degrees (China) Co., Ltd

Founded in 1972 in the United States, it is the world's leading sports brand, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and a leading brand in the sports goods industry

5. QiaoDan

6. Special XTEP

4. Anta is a well-known trademark in China, a famous brand in China, a leader in China's sports goods industry, and Anta Sports Goods Co., Ltd

8. 361 degrees

China's famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, domestic famous large sports goods enterprise, Tebu (China) Co., Ltd


7. Converse

3. Adidas Adidas was founded in Germany in 1948. It is a relatively large sporting goods manufacturer in Europe, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and a German Adidas company

"Top ten brands of sports shoes" 1. Li Ning

"The world's top ten sports shoes brands" 1. Nike. The famous sports goods brand in the United States, whose sneaker design is very fashionable, also introduced a number of limited edition. It has many products, not only sports shoes, but also sports apparel, sports equipment, etc. 2. Adidas. A brand from Germany, also a top sports brand, has more than 700 patented authentication technologies

"Top 10 Sports Shoe Brands in China" Top 10 Sports Shoe Brands in China: 1. Anta Anta is a well-known sports brand in China, founded in 1991, and belongs to Anta Group. The group specializes in the design, production and sales of sports equipment such as sports shoes, clothing and accessories. Its products are not only popular in China, but also popular in the international market. 2. Li Ning

"Top 10 in the list of world famous sports shoes" 4. Adidas Adidas is one of the top sports brands in the world. Adidas is famous in the industry for its high-quality football shoes. Its sports shoes are not only fashionable in design, but also wearable, comfortable and breathable, which are loved by consumers all over the world. 5. JORDAN JORDAN is a sports brand named after the football star Jordan

10. Puma Puma was founded in Germany in 1948. It is a large multinational company mainly producing shoes and sportswear

361 degrees


China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Top Ten Sportswear Brands, Quanzhou Peak (Group) Co., Ltd


The top ten shoe brands in the "Top Ten Shoe Brands Ranking List": 1. Asics (Asics is the rightful king in the field of running shoes, the largest manufacturer of running shoes in the United States)

The top ten sports shoes brands in the "Top Ten Sports Shoes Brands List" are as follows: 1. Nike, a world-famous sports brand in the United States in 1972, produces products covering clothing, footwear, sports equipment and other fields. The Forrest Gump shoes and AirMax series produced by Nike are classic models popular in the market, and its pioneering air cushion technology also brings to the sports industry

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