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Ask for pictures of all kinds of basketball shoes and clothes of Arenas

"Ask for pictures of all kinds of basketball shoes and clothes of Arenas" http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm= -1&cl=2&fm=ps&word=%B0%A2%C0%EF%C4%C9%CB%B9%C0%BA%C7%F2%D0%AC

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gym shoes http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm= -1&cl=2&word=%B0%A2%C0%EF%C4%C9%CB%B9%C7%F2%D0%AC http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm= -1&cl=2&fm=ps&word=% B0% A2% C0% EF% C4% C9% CB% B9% C0% BA% C7% F2% D0% AC "Arenas Basketball Shoes" The first generation is GIL ZERO's first signature shoe. The original colors are blue, orange and white, divided into high and low tops, and a variety of all-star styles, with different colors The second generation is the O agent series. The first one is the black gold pair, the low gang war god The third generation is CRRATOR, which has two kinds. The price is high. The technology is a little more advanced than the first generation, but it is expensive

"What shoes did Arenas wear (all listed)?" Arenas is famous for being eccentric. Before he released his signature shoes, he always wore running shoes to play ball games. As for the models of those running shoes, I can't list them

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Only basketball shoes

"Arenas has several basketball shoes with the above picture, thank you." This is a series of adidas, starting with a p, not all of which are Arenas's, but also McGrady's, 720 RMB

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"What do the Alinas 1-5 sneakers look like, pictures?" In the rainy weather, the maintenance of the sneakers will cause great trouble. You can put desiccant in the shoe box, and wrap the sneakers with shoe paper and dust-proof bags. Try to keep all the sneakers in a vacuum packaging state. You can even directly seal the rarely worn collectible sneakers with heat shrinkable film.

The first generation of "Arenas sneakers" is called "Game Day". I especially like this shoe. The shoelaces were slanted. At that time, 790 shoes were sold in the store. Later on, you can see the shoes. Adi gave him the same low cut look. But this one I recommend is really beautiful. It's silver and black.

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