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Do boys sell women's shoes well

"Is it easy for boys to sell women's shoes?" There is no problem at all. Shoes are not private items such as underwear. Girls are more concerned about men's comments when wearing shoes.

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"Is it OK for boys to sell women's shoes?" In fact, there is one advantage for boys to sell women's shoes! When a girl buys shoes, the first thing she thinks is that she can buy them. Maybe her friends also think it can, but is it good for a boy? Maybe the boys don't think so! When girls buy shoes, boys can stand on the boys' side and offer advice as a gentleman

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"I want to be a shopping guide, but I don't know whether women's shoes are good or men's clothes are good." Of course, women's shoes are good! As an old saying goes, a woman's money is best earned

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Girls sometimes prefer to be recognized by the opposite sex... Boys also have advantages in selling shoes... To be honest, it may have an impact. After all, it feels a little strange. I suggest you sell it online if you can get online. www.piaoliangxie. Welcome to join us. com. Online sales, no one knows what the other side of the network is "Is it OK for boys to sell women's shoes?" As long as the shoes are beautiful, some people will buy them. If you have a good attitude and good verbal skills, I believe you will have a good performance The main thing is that you can't sell women's shoes because you are a boy. You should take the initiative to introduce the shoes that are suitable for your guests

"Is it OK for boys to sell women's shoes?" Women's shoes are sold by many boys, and the reserve cadres say that they are good at doing chores. In fact, there are few opportunities for promotion. If you are interested in this field, you can enter and learn about it. If you are not interested, just forget it

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