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Where do we buy luxury men's clothing from WeChat merchants

"Where do you buy luxury men's clothes from WeChat merchants? Where can you buy them?" Do you want the original order or not? The original order is required. Occasionally, there are counter goods. Add WEI letter: laozhouyuandan

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"Would you like to know which luxury goods supply channels are good?" 1. WeChat agent purchase WeChat agent purchase is OK, but you must choose a reliable agent purchase. It is better to choose a transaction with financial security, otherwise it is very easy to lose. 2. Taobao Overseas Purchases Although there are shops, there are also shops that make authentic products. Generally, purchase on behalf of Taobao

"I want to sell Prada luxury goods in WeChat, where can I find a good source of goods?" Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, the People's Republic of China has good wholesale and demand. Look at the door below.

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The 619946592 recommended by the manufacturer "I finally know where the luxury goods on WeChat are bought from". I'm a luxury goods agent in the UK. This question you raised is a mistake. For luxury goods agent, there is no concept of taking goods. Buyers go to the luxury goods counter to buy goods for the buyer, and then mail them to the buyer with a reasonable purchase fee.

"Where do WeChat sellers buy their trendy brands? How many people are first-hand suppliers?" WeChat sellers are generally agents, so there are few first-hand sources of goods, that is to say, WeChat merchants now mostly adopt the hierarchical agent model. For example, the general agent, the first level agent, the second level agent, and the third level agent adopt the mode of taking goods at different levels, that is, the general agent requires more goods, and the natural unit price is cheaper, that is

"Where to find the source of cheap and good luxury goods?" If you have enough strength, some lower tier brands in luxury goods can still establish purchase channels through this way. 2. Overseas purchase agency websites There are some well-known discount websites for famous products abroad, such as nap, neiman marcus, yoox, dfs, etc. These websites can be found through Google search, professional

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