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Ferrari Puma Clothing

Go to the shopping mall to see what kind of clothes Puma's Ferrari wears. According to relevant information, Puma's logo is a puma, which is embroidered by the manufacturer. The authentic puma looks strong and smooth, with a running posture, which is lifelike. The clothes like Puma are marked like dogs. They are different in size and rough in workmanship.

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"What brand of clothes is this? How can it be marked by Ferrari?" This is the clothing of Puma Ferrari series. Puma and Ferrari announced in Spa that they have signed a long-term cooperation agreement, which will take effect on January 1, 2005. Puma will become the official licensor of Ferrari team replicas and fan goods, and also the official supplier of Ferrari team

"What is the meaning of Ferrari racing logo printed on Puma's clothing?" PUMA is currently the largest clothing partner of F1, and we have seen a lot of things from Legalists in China. But there are also other team products, such as Red Bull, William, etc. But these products are basically not bought in China, so they are basically invisible. This is the same state as Bridgestone. On BGP, that star like sign

"Is the Puma Ferrari racing suit sold in Taobao really". 1. On the Puma official website of Taobao Store, all products are regular products. 2. Because if you register a shop on Taobao, all your products can only be sold after being tested by relevant departments. 3. It also supports the insurance guarantee service within 30 days, including three guarantees.

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"Ferrari Puma Clothing" Go to your large shopping mall to have a look~there must be Ferrari series for sale in the Puma counter~

"What is the name of the brand with the Ferrari icon on the clothes?" The brand with the Ferrari icon on the clothes is Ferrari's own clothing brand. Ferrari clothing has FUTURED, RACINGRED, REPLICA 2019, ESSENTIAL, children's wear series, PUMA FOR SCUDERIA FERRARI and other series. Not only that, but also sold accessories and shoe threads.

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