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I bought a pair of Converse black canvas shoes. They are big. What pants should I wear for decoration?

Wear sweatpants, because sweatpants are loose enough to cover about 2/3 of the shoes. Try to make your feet small. I hope it can help you deal with the problem of clearance broken size canvas shoes "What pants do Converse black high top canvas shoes look good with?" For deeper jeans or trousers made of washable materials, the trouser legs should be slightly smaller. Do not deliberately put the trouser legs outside the upper of the shoes. After putting on the shoes, they should be naturally stacked there. The coat can be in black, white and gray, which makes the boy clean and neat. If you are very fashionable, you can match the popular candy colored cotton padded clothes this year, but you should match the dark color circumference

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"I bought a pair of black headed Converse canvas shoes~~What color pants and blouses do I want to match? I hope fashion experts can give me some advice~~" If you want to create a fashion effect, you can match it with men's slim pencil pants, or little Haren pants. This year, little Haren is very popular for boys, and it is also dark blue or light black, or with jeans with a bright silk effect, which will be very fashionable! Pair the upper body with a slim grey suit, and wear a white deep V-neck sweater or T-shirt inside. Or upper body with bright face

"I bought a pair of Converse black canvas shoes. They look big. What pants should I wear to decorate them?" Sweatpants or slightly flared jeans will cover your shoes, and you can't see how big your feet are.

"How to match the high gang black Converse?" Canvas shoes and jeans are a perfect match. Converse black high top canvas shoes are a classic style. Even if you wear ordinary blue jeans, you will feel more fashionable and casual. A simple black and white color matching, with a pair of black Converse shoes, the overall feeling is clean and comfortable, so the upper body is chosen this year

"What pants do Converse's canvas shoes look good with?" In short, it's just jeans. Personally, I don't like those exaggerated jeans, which are straight, slightly closed, or the most original style. They are clean and neat. It seems that you like it... It's better to wear a shirt with plaid, stripe or solid color. I really like the way men wear it, ha ha.

"What should I do if the canvas shoes are too big?" Wearing method 1: wearing the shoes with bare ankles should be the most popular way! The canvas shoes with shallow upper can easily expose our ankles, which naturally can extend our legs visually, and it looks like our legs will be more slender and straight. Whether matching with skirt or jeans, they are very youthful and energetic. Wear

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