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What luxury brands are there among the top watches with more than 200000 yuan?

"What luxury brands are there when the top watches cost more than 200000 yuan?" If you want to ask the rich woman's favorite brand, no matter you are talking about jewelry or watches, you can't get around one brand: Piaget, which is a brand that you may have heard of only when your annual income exceeds 200000 yuan. It means that you can officially enter a middle class circle and can move up again.

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The history of the Earl can be traced back to 1874. The Earl was founded by 19 year old George Edouard Piaget. The brand has a history of nearly 150 years.

Patek Philippe, Abby, Jiangshi Danton, Rolex, Jijia, Cartier, Earl and other high-end luxury watches are fashionable. The best difference is the price! The initial price in the above table exceeds 60000 yuan; The starting price of high-end watches is more than 30000 yuan; The starting price of high-end watches is above 10000 yuan, while that of public watches is below 10000 yuan. Most fashion watches are made by high-end clothing, leather goods and other brands. Prices vary widely. The best way to distinguish the highest luxury, luxury and humanized fashion watches is price!! The output price of top watches exceeds 60000 yuan; High grade watches above 30000 yuan; The starting price of luxury watches above 1000 yuan is less than 1000 yuan. Fashion watches are mainly produced by high-end clothing, leather goods and other brands. The price difference is quite large. " "

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Like all luxury goods enterprises, the Earl was also a family enterprise before it was acquired by Lifeng Group. However, the Earl would not fool customers with "family feelings", but put the need for "exquisite craftsmanship" more important than family spirit.

When it comes to earls, people who know a little about watches may think of ultra-thin movement and the favorite jewelry of Middle Eastern local tyrants. If you are Mengxin, you may think that hundreds of thousands of watches are brand premium and cheat local luxury money, but this rule does not apply to earls.

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How good is the Earl's craftsmanship? The following three watches of around 200000 yuan will give you the answer. If you happen to have dinner with the boss recently, what we want to talk about today can be used.

This is why the Earl's most proud series are all related to technology, such as the ultra-thin Altiplano series. If there is an arms race in the watch industry, it must be the first ultra-thin watch making project.

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