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How is the business of Daphne Women's Shoe Shop?

"Daphne announced its complete withdrawal from physical retail, what do you think?" In this way, it is good for us and Daphne. We can buy cheap and high-quality products; They can sell more products and earn more money.

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"At present, we want to invest in Daphne Women's Shoe franchise stores in our county. Is this rate of return worth investing?" To open a brand women's shoes franchise store, you should first check your local consumption level and wearing habits. Different brands have different requirements for franchisees. If you have enough capital and experience, you can consider Baili, but if you are starting a business for the first time, you can consider lower cost brands, such as City Lover, Citysigd, etc., with high profits

It's very good. Where can I go? The business in the clothing city is very good. It's very good that there are few people buying in the special multi country exhibition shop! "The decline of a generation of women's shoes king, Daphne has closed shop for 90%, why did she fall here?" Although Daphne is said to be a female brand, it is more suitable for middle-aged women around 40 years old. When some young people see Daphne, most of them think that the shoes are too mature and stable, which may not be popular with some young people. Daphne's style is too mature. People who buy Daphne shoes

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"Daphne was in a great rout. How can she save herself from the fact that 90% of the stores were closed?" Daphne used to be the king of women's shoes in China, and the store scale has shrunk again and again. By the end of last year, there were 242 stores in total, 96% less than 6881 stores in the peak period. The total market value of Daphne is only 354 million Hong Kong dollars, which is 98% smaller than the peak of more than 17 billion Hong Kong dollars. Daphne can be said to be very familiar in the eyes of the post-90s

"How come Daphne has no stores?" To sum up, the main reason for Daphne's physical stores to close is bad business. Many physical enterprises had a hard time in the first half of this year, but it does not rule out that some enterprises were too tight. The rise and fall of an enterprise or brand is closely related to the fate of the leader. At present, most private enterprises in China are founded by

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"How is the business of Daphne Women's Shoe Shop?" Not bad. We have a lot of stores here. Business is good. Ask Oumeng if you don't believe me

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